Taurus model 85 user manual

Taurus model 85 38 special revolver box opening and quick. The model 85 is available in several configurations. In this video eric shoots and discusses the interesting little taurus model 85 view, a very compact revolver that many may have never heard of. Under most circumstances, this provides the best balance of readiness and safety. Trick out or upgrade your firearm with the largest gun parts selection at. This lightweight alloy framed revolver is in excellent overall condition with only a few negligible usage marks and a light turnring on the cylinder.

First, a springloaded center pin passes through and projects out the rear of the ejector rod, and when the cylinder is closed, the pin enters a. The model 85 has a single screw on the right side of the gun. As with all firearms, revolvers require periodic maintenance in order. Unfortunately, the name taurus has been synonymous with being an unreliable and cheap gun, of the likes of raven arms, who makes low quality pistols. The model 85 comes with fixed front and rear sights that acquire quickly, and interfere. Gun manual for nearly every firearm on the planet ebooks pdf free download links. Taurus revolver disassembly pictorial guide taurus gun forum. These include blued steel, stainless steel, polymer frame, and ultralite variants. The gun is identical to the 85 stainless, except they managed to put another round on the cylinder hence the 6 at the end. Xcel, xplor, action, xtreme for xtreme, also see addendum tikka t3 lh manual. Some people on the other hand claim they were problematic for them, i knew more people who have had zero problems than those who say they have. Unique smart digital display technology, showing exact remaining power in digital format. In the battle between bull and snake, the winner may surprise you. In the united states, the guns are marketed for concealed carry and personal protection.

Taurus another taurus bites the dust discussion in taurus started by ouch, aug 26, 2011. Model 85 polymer small frame revolver in 38 special. I have had a few taurus model 85 revolvers over the years and have had zero problems with any of them. The model 85 is a family of concealable revolvers with the submodels mostly varying in aesthetic. It still represents a good choice for anyone looking for an affordable and easytohandle personal defense gun.

Taurus makes an extensive some say crazy number of models line up of. Taurus model 85 ultralite doubleaction revolver conceals well and packs a punch. You should have an instruction manual for every firearm you own. The taurus model 85 is comfortable to hold and looks good. Fits models 85, 94, 380, 605, 650, 651, 850, 851, 856, 905, and 941. The polymer frame makes the gun lighter which makes. If you still have any doubts, the taurus website has a downloadable owners manual. The taurus model 85 is a smallframe revolver chambered in. Revolver there are exploded views to the following models. Taurus revolver ultralite model 85 38 special description. The view is based upon taurus triedandtrue model 85, a solid frame design in which the cylinder is locked into the frame at two points. I have only had a chance to put about 100 rounds through it but it shoots very well.

At first glance, the convertible looks like a regular model 85, and it isexcept for an interesting and unique feature. The ultralite model features an aluminum alloy frame to keep weight to a minimum, and a steel barrel and cylinder. Taurus x6s portable power stationpower bankschargers. Taurus shall not be responsible in any manner whatsoever for malfunctioning of the firearm, or for physical injury or property damage, resulting in whole or in part from 1 criminal or negligent discharge, 2 improper or careless handling, 3 unauthorized modifications, 4 defective. The taurus 85 revolvers owner manual gives the owner a lot of.

The added pinky length and the grip texture make it so much easier to. Taurus has 101 product models in pistol and 9 pdf manuals in english for download. The taurus model 85 is a smallframe revolver manufactured by the brazilian firearm company taurus international. We specialize in all military surplus weapons from ak47s, ar15s, mausers, cetme, enfields, uzis, and much more. This webpage contains 2001 ford taurus owners manual pdf used by ford garages, auto repair shops, ford dealerships and home mechanics. Taurus firearms are designed and made to offer maximum safety. Taurus 5shot revolvers the model 85 and more by bob campbell published on january 12, 2014 in ammunition when it comes to personal defense, the snubnose revolver is so handy, lightweight, easy to manipulate and simple to operate, it is widely used. Gun manual for nearly every firearm on the planet ebooks. Seats perforated leather limited equipment groupsoptions trimmed equipment groups 10way power driver and equipment group 300a front passenger includes limited standard equipment driver seat memory. Identification of advice in this instruction manual. Taurus international of miami, florida, recently sent me a variation of this snubbie to evaluatethe model 85 convertible. Designed with concealed carry applications in mind, the model 85 polymer frame combines the unique model 85 design with ultralightweight construction. Best holster for taurus model 85 federal hip holster for taurus.

Safe carry condition is the most readytofire condition that the user feels is reasonable under the circumstances. Taurus usa announced a new 6shot, compact revolver called the model 856, the taurus 856 is actually an updated version of an old classic and it goes headtohead with the colt cobra. Reviews for the standard steel frame taurus model 85 pocket revolvers are found below. Taurus manufactures a variety of firearms including both semiautomatic handguns and traditional revolvers. Apex gun parts is your source for hard to find gun parts, parts kits, and accessories. I am looking at it on gunbroker to purchase if for my wife to carry. Automotive readers have rated 1998 ford taurus owners manual 4. The one recommendation that i would make is to not shoot aluminum casing rounds through it. How to disassemble a taurus revolver gone outdoors. For those on a budget who want a reliable outofthe box, nofrills, five shot.

Generally, we believe taurus revolvers should be carried with an empty chamber under the hammer. The taurus model 85 convertible has a removable hammer spur. Safe carry condition is a judgment call and must be made by the user. Chambered in 38 special this is a 5 shot polymer revolver with a rubber grip. With this ford taurus workshop manual, you can perform every job that could be done by ford garages and mechanics from. Taurus model 85 38 spl matte 5 shot stainless double. Rubber grips absorb recoil and enhance user control.

We set ourselves apart by supplying unique parts at a good value and standing by our products by offering outstanding customer service. The cylinder doesnt swing out perfectly smoothly, but it doesnt hang up or bind up either. Exclusive intelligent charging technology specially for iphone, providing charging speed up to 200% compared to original charger. One of the best features of this holster, in our opinion, is the fact that it has a soft nylon material on its inside that protects your gun and smoothens your draw. Instead, it warns against using high pressure rounds. The official taurus revolver owners manual has parts diagrams for many. The taurus 85 revolvers owner manual gives the owner a lot of detail in regards to what type of ammo to shoot. Some users routinely face greater threats than others. Taurus model 85 taurus model 731 taurus model 905 taurus model 94 taurus model 941 taurus model 617 taurus model 817 taurus model. Owners manual for taurus judge pistol tricia in the use of your revolver manufactured by taurus and if for any reason a manual is main circuit breaker owners manual for taurus judge.

Revolver has been fired but is in excellent condition with its original box and manual, buyer pays 30. Taurus pistol user manual for pdf download device manuals. Skip to the 3 minute mark to jump ahead to the cleaning part. Model 85 polymer smallframe revolver in 38 special. Find the appropriate categories of taurus products. Taurus 85 ultralite doubleaction revolver bass pro shops. I have a tracker model in 44 mag with a 4 ported barrel, a 627 in 357 mag with a 4 ported barrel and a scandium frame, a ragining hornet in 22 hornet with a 10 barrel and a scope, and lastly a 1911 pt1911 in 45 acp.

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